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Comedians are usually very expressive people and quite often you will catch them in all sorts of places as long as that place has a microphone and alot of people to listen to them. So here is the No 1 place to find out what else the comedy kids are up to. Are they in a band, are they on radio, do they play the Marracas or do you just want to find out where the party is at on a Saturday night? Whatever needs a free plug you'll find it here.

AVERAGE : Both Tom and Joel play in a Band called The Dairy Bros. It's basically Average with a full dose of Rock and Roll. If you're looking for a place to crowd surf this is it. Dates are...Cowming Soon.

BIG AL : Check out Big Al with Liam on Thursdays from 4pm til 6pm on 92.7 Fresh FM.

CRAIG EGAN : Craig has been MCing in clubs since before the turn of the millenium. His latest one is called The Madhouse on Saturday Nights with DJ Ben and Jarrod Fitch at the Alma. You can also catch Craig on Thursday nights at Bubblegum at The Grand.

JASON CHONG : Catch Jason on the Streets handing out the free gear for Nova 91.9 or listen to him on Sundays from 10pm-12am

LEHMO : As if you needed this website to tell ya. Lehmo is on everything these days. SA~FM, After The Game, The Glasshouse and more. If anything specific comes up we'll let ya know.

THE DIPLOPHONICS : You may have seen The Great Southern Band at Jive well that was just a Prequel to The Diplophonics appearing at a comedy club near you soon. The Diplophonics comprises of a whole bunch of the local comics and will bring a different comic each time to be the lead singer. (Super Band Respect) Craig Egan has already sung "I Believe In A Thing Called Love." by The Darkness and Dave Williams has sung "Sweet Child O Mine.". Look out more songs coming soon. Main members of the Band are Jason Chong (Guitar), Tom Bettany (Guitar), Frehd Starr (Guitar), Jason Pestell (Guitar), Scott John (Drums) and more to come soon.

TRAV NASH : Trav has a Website with all sorts of great stuff on it including Trav's animations and stacks more. Visit http://alarium.fateback.com/enter.html

MAD DOG MALCOLM CUMMINGS : You can catch Mad Dog as the Lead singer of Lucifers Lounge. You can also catch him in his own show at Fad Bar 30 Waymouth St July 9 at 8-00pm.